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[Creator of #DiversityIsAVerb]
Gina I. Humber is a national speaker on diversity and education, a NYC teacher and an accomplished author. She graduated from City College of New York, where she earned her master’s degree in Special Education and a minor in African American History. Gina has self published It’s All Good- A children’s book that helps build self acceptance and esteem in children who look different or feel different in a world that minimizes people to categories and biases. While at the same time gives a true child’s perspective on diversity and opens up children to discuss and celebrate their differences. Gina has been a radio guest on the Maggie Linton Show on Sirius xm, and on the Manny Faces radio show here in NYC. And remains to be a highly sought after guest speaker on numerous other media platforms. Her expertise and frankness on race and education has catapulted her to creating Diversity Is A Verb LLC. This company works with schools and youths org, empowering them with books, educational material and speakers geared to improving academics, social behavior and self acceptance.
Becoming a Successful Self-Published Author

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