Book Karen to speak

From rallying the call to remove the Confederate flag from the statehouse in South Carolina to galvanizing millions of people to register people to vote for the 2018 midterm elections, Karen Hunter’s message is about action.
She doesn’t give speeches, she lays out action plans.


Journalist (16 years at the New York Daily News, earning a Pulitzer Prize and Polk Award). Author (co-authored more than 30 books with 8 New York Times Bestsellers).
Publisher (eponymous joint venture with Simon & Schuster produced a No. 1 bestseller with Janet Jackson and bestsellers with Kris Jenner and E. Lynn Harris).
Professor (20 years teaching journalism—3 years at NYU and 17 years at Hunter College)
“Woke” (Essence magazine’s Woke 100—Class of 2018).
Talk Show Host (Named one of the 100 Most Important Radio Talk Show Hosts in America)
Programmer (Launched 7 new shows on SiriusXM’s Urban View and made it among the most-listened-to talk channel at SiriusXM).

“Your success must be measured by the other people you help become successful,” said Karen. “What kind of fruit are you producing?”