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Xander Schultz is a social justice entrepreneur, philanthropist, and activist. As a tech entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, Xander was on the founding teams of two consumer social productivity technology companies Complete and Kifi, which was acquired in 2016 by Google. Xander then committed his entrepreneurial and philanthropic efforts to social justice, having co-founded the refugee aid organization When We Band Together with his wife Zoë. In 2017, he joined Mike Novogratz’s family office as an entrepreneur-in-residencs. At Galaxy, Xander focuses on building a community around causes and creating innovative solutions to tackle systemic problems. He is the host of What We Don’t Know Podcast (WWDKPod) where he discusses issues that define our time with leading change-makers. Recently, Xander created Defeat By Tweet, a donation-based initiative that launched in June 2020 that uses Trump’s tweets against him to raise money for the Justice Fund.

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