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Mahisha Dellinger received a degree in business administration and marketing from California State University Sacramento before beginning her career as a Marketing Manager for Intel Corporation. It was while she was at Intel that she discovered her true passion in life: creating effective and eco-conscious products for natural curly hair. Frustrated with the lack of products for natural, curly hair, Mahisha worked to develop an award-winning line of organic hair care products. She left her position at Intel, and in 2002, she launched CURLS, creating those products she was seeking for other women and girls embracing natural hair textures. As Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Curls, Mahisha singlehandedly built the demand for her organic haircare products to grow into the brand it is today. In 2009, Mahisha further expanded the reach of the CURLS products with the line being carried in Target stores around the U.S., and in other stores and salons in countries around the world.
The Grow Up, Come Up, Blow Up

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