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[Civil Rights Attorney]
As a television legal analyst, Lisa is known for her in-depth analysis of headline-grabbing trials, hard-hitting and unbiased interviews of lawyers, crime victims, defendants and government officials, and gutsy, plain English opinions, Lisa has covered every major crime and justice story of our time, including the OJ Simpson trials; Britney Spears’ custody and mental illness battles; police brutality cases; the Duke rape scandal; the Enron corporate fraud trial; the Saddam Hussein crimes against humanity tribunal; the Michael Jackson child molestation case; the Scott Peterson, Robert Blake and Casey Anthony murder trials; and the Jayson Williams and Martha Stewart cases, and the California and federal gay marriage and “don’t ask, don’t tell” constitutional cases. Lisa’s passion is international war crimes tribunals, which seek to bring to justice perpetrators of genocide and other crimes against humanity.
More Women are Coming Forward in the Usher Herpes Scandal

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