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Larry “The Amigo” Milian is a celebrated veteran radio host and executive, writer, journalist and teacher. Milian was born in Brooklyn, New York and raised from his teenage years in Miami and wears both childhood homes like a badge of honor. Milian began his media career covering high school and college sports for “The Miami Herald”. For the past 15 years, “The Amigo” has entertained Miami sports fans as the host of a number of popular talk radio programs in the market, including “The Dos Amigos Show”, the country’s first bilingual sports radio show, “Armando and The Amigo”, “Desayuno Deportivo” on ESPN Deportes and his current national morning drive show, “Good Mornin’ Amigo” on SLAM Radio. Milian has mentored many well-known sports media personalities during his career. Today, Amigo brings his radio expertise and mentoring abilities into the classroom, serving as the National General Manager and Program Director for SLAM Radio, a first-of-its-kind SiriusXM sports and talk radio station, run by high school students from SLAM Charter Schools. You can listen to SLAM Radio 24 hours a day on SiriusXM – Channel 145.

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