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In 2002, the tragic murders of two children in her community inspired Erica, along with Jeffery “Ja Rule” Atkins and others, to create the monumental life camp (love ignites freedom through education). Life Camp provides at-risk inner-city youth, ages 13-24 years, the valuable tools they need to stay in school and out of the criminal justice system. Another offshoot of Life Camp is Erica’s Peace, a lifestyle program, featuring holistic guru Deepak Chopra. Chopra, an outspoken supporter of Erica’s work, makes monthly visits to Life Camp where he talks to and meditates with the group participants. Through the years, Erica’s dedication to reducing violence among young New Yorkers has garnered, countless awards, accolades, praise and recognition by notable public figures such as former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Reverend Al Sharpton, and hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons. Her recognized leadership has brought extensive travel and speaking gigs in prisons, community centers, high schools, college campuses, and conferences throughout the country and internationally.

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